recovery of lumber

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recovery of lumber

Postby quangongzi » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:29 pm

the volume recovery of lumber is not fast, the treatment processing in production also has certain difficulty, so, although the price of its log spends pear wood under Africa estimates cost wood composite sheeting (hedgehog rosewood) , but the price of finished product furniture already Bijilue is tall. Chen Guibao, another common calls 2 class black wingceltis, formal name is didymous ancient exterminate brazilwood, latin name Guibourtia Conjuata, and other places of distributinging Yutansangniya, Mozambique, home basically is imported from Mozambique with the means of log.

Medicinal powder Kong Cai, alburnum is cinnamon, heart alburnum distinction is clear, grow annulus apparent, duramen ash is green Brown, long hind green black Brown,vinyl wood flour pricing common black stripe. Lumber provides burnish, grain crisscross, it is better that material pledges, glossiness is tall, gas does density 0.95-1.11 to overcome / cubic centimeter.

Although Chen Guibao lowes drillable decking material does not belong to GB annatto, and log stability is poorer, ask to want relatively to producing the dry processing of manufacturer tall, but this lumber is in the index of respect of density, hardness, intensity is opposite taller.wpc deck board
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